Bachelor thesis

植垣 晃一 :脆性-延性境界を考慮した超臨界地熱貯留層の挙動に関する数値解析的検討  Numerical study of super-critical geothermal reservoir behavior considering brittle-ductile boundary

木村 関耶 :キルナ磁鉄鉱鉱山における鉄ーベントナイト相互作用に関するナチュラルアナログ研究  Natural analogue study in iron-bentonite interactions at Kiruna magnetite mine

中島 悠輝 :メタカオリンジオポリマーの初期反応に関する基礎的研究  Study on the Initial Reaction of Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer

黒滝 七海 : 礫-ベントナイト混合土の水理特性の評価  Evaluation of Hydraulic Properties of Gravel-Bentonite Mixtures

中村 風五 :酸性鉱山廃水における風化促進によるに二酸化炭素除去の炭素会計  Carbon accounting of carbon dioxide removal by enhanced rock weathering in acid mine drainages

Master thesis

山下 騎士:Evaluation of carbon dioxide removal potential of various rocks for enhanced rock weathering as a negative emission technology

遠藤 夢羽人:Interpretation of temperature profiles considering natural convection through liner tubes in geothermal wells

Lang Aoran:Effect of some inorganic salts on strength development of fly ash cement

近藤 勇樹:高炉セメント硬化体の塩分吸着、拡散性能と鉄筋腐食

勝又 新:銅鉱山の水処理スラッジに含まれる重金属の挙動評価と資源回収に関する表面錯体モデリング

大矢 裕介:福島原発事故由来のセシウム含有溶融飛灰のアルカリ刺激材による安定固化

西塔 祐稀:圧密ベントナイトにおけるセメンテーションの実験的研究


S.H. Chu, K. Kurumisawa, Y.K. Kong, Physically explicable mathematical model for strength prediction of UHPFRC, Engineering Structures, Volume 275, Part B, 2023, 115191, ISSN 0141-0296,

近藤 勇樹, 胡桃澤 清文, 亜硝酸カルシウムを用いた高炉セメント硬化体の塩分吸着及び拡散性能, セメント・コンクリート論文集, 2022, 76 巻, 1 号, p. 187-192, 公開日 2023/03/31, Online ISSN 2187-3313, Print ISSN 0916-3182,,

Kawakita, R., Saito, A., Sakuma, H., Anraku, S., Kikuchi, R., Otake, T. and Sato, T. (2023) Difference in expansion and dehydration behaviors between NH4- and K-montmorillonite, Applied Clay Science 231, 106722

Nishiki, Y., Cama, J., Otake, T., Kikuchi, R., Shimbashi, M. and Sato, T. (2023) Formation of magnesium silicate hydrate (M-S-H) at pH 10 and 50◦C in open-flow systems, Applied Geochemistry 148, 105544.

Chen, Y., Matsui, Y., Sato, T., Shirasaki, N. and Matsushita, T. (2023) Overlooked effect of ordinary inorganic ions on polyaluminum-chloride coagulation treatment, Water Research 235 (2023) 119909.

Mufalo, W., Tangviroon, P., Arima, T., Igarashi, T., Ito, M., Sato, T., Noto, K., Kawashima, T., Nyambe, I., Nakata, H., Nakayama, S. and Ishizuka, M. (2023) Immobilization of Pb and Zn leached from mining residue materials in Kabwe, Zambia: Performance of calcined dolomite in column experiments, Journal of Geochemical Exploration 249, 107209

Y.K. Kong, Kiyofumi Kurumisawa, Fresh properties and characteristic testing methods for alkali-activated materials: A review, Journal of Building Engineering, 2023, 106830, ISSN 2352-7102,

Zhai Qi, Yibing Zuo, Kiyofumi Kurumisawa, Aoran Lang, Effect of curing temperatures and additional activators on chloride ingress and its induced mineralogical alteration of ground granulated blast furnace slag activated by Ca(OH)2, Cement and Concrete Composites, 2023, 105153, ISSN 0958-9465,

Y.K. Kong, Kiyofumi Kurumisawa, Application of machine learning in predicting workability for alkali-activated materials, Case Studies in Construction Materials, 2023, e02173, ISSN 2214-5095,

Yukun Kong, Masaji Kato, Kiyofumi Kurumisawa, Recent Advances in X-ray Computed Tomography for Alkali-Activated Materials: A Review, Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 2023, 21 巻, 8 号, p. 573-595,  Online ISSN 1347-3913,,

Qi Zhai, Kiyofumi Kurumisawa, Juhyuk Moon, A comparative study of alkanolamines and inorganic additives on the microstructure development of blast furnace slag blended cement at low curing temperature, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 408, 2023, 133779, ISSN 0950-0618,

胡桃澤 清文: 亜硝酸カルシウムを添加した高炉スラグセメントの反応に及ぼす養生温度の影響, セメント・コンクリート論文集, 2023, 77 巻, 1 号, pp. 189-196,

花岡 温広, 胡桃澤 清文:複数のセメント種を用いたセメント硬化体に及ぼす凍結融解作用の実験的検討, セメント・コンクリート論文集, 2023, 77 巻, 1 号, pp . 369-376,



花岡 温広、胡桃澤清文:いくつかのセメント種を用いたセメント硬化体に及ぼす凍結融解作用の実験的検討、第77回セメント技術大会、2023.5.19


Qi Zhai、Kiyofumi Kurumisawa: Impact of triethanolamine (TEA) on the hydration of ground granulated blastfurnace (GGBFS) blended cement, 第77回セメント技術大会、2023.5.19


Qi Zhai and Kiyofumi Kurumisawa: Chloride ingress resistance of Ca(OH)2 activated GGBFS: Impact of curing temperature and additional activators, The 16th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, 9/21 2023

Y.Kong and K.Kurumisawa: Mathematical model for strength of alkali-activated materials, The 10th 3R International Scientific Conference, 3RINCs, 2024/3.